Make sure to log off all school and personal google accounts (ie. - google email) prior to signing into your District's Perkins Digital File. 

Changes in all documents are saved automatically as you enter the information. 

Click on the upper left tab "Home" page to get to your District folder. Click on your District folder. You will then be prompted to log in with your user name and password.

Step 1. Check your Mission and Vision Statement. Revise/Update as needed.

Step 2. Click on the Carl Perkins Budget link. There are tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet. The first one is the directions which will assist you in
            completing your budget. Drop down menus are provided for identifying how funds will be spent. Each CTE department who has an open POS in Perkins
            needs to complete all steps of the Digital Budget, even if the department is not spending Perkins funds this year.   On the CP Budget - enter $0 if not 
            spending funds and teacher's name and date.
Be certain you are on your POS budget tab. Once your budget tabs for the POS are all complete, go back to your "District" home page.

Step 3. Scroll down and click on the The POS Implementation Guide link and follow the directions which are on the first tab at the bottom of the
            spreadsheet. When you've completed all the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, go back to your "District" home page.

Step 4. Scroll down and click on the POS Planning Worksheet. Each tab at the bottom of the worksheet contains curriculum information,advisory 
           council members, work-based learning, labor market, an  "how your district uses the POS" chart for each of your District's Programs of Study
           (POS) that you have open in Carl Perkins.  Please revise/update information for each POS tab. Remember to include transcript/dual credit courses. 

Step 5. Click on and go into "builder" to review/update your courses in your program of study. Please remember to double check 
            your required core courses.  Only POS "builders" can make changes. You will need to contact your STW Coordinator or School Counselor for a password;
            or email your Career Prep Coordinator at your technical college.